An open letter for everybody

For many, there is never a better time to feel more happy, than Christmas. It’s full of food, laughter and of course presents. Family and friends come together and rejoice in this beautiful festive period. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, it’s still an excuse to get merry. I mean, why not.

But here’s what I also like to do. I look back on the year, and smile. I become thankful for all the great moments I’ve had. I also look back on the sad and angry times… and learn from those moments. But MOST important, I look at the future (in this case, 2011) …and make some SERIOUS goals for myself.

So this is what I want you to do also.

I want you to grab a pen and a piece of paper. I want you to write down all the things you want to REALLY accomplish in 2011. No I’m NOT talking about some stupid new years resolution, which most people fail at miserably anyway.

I’m talking about GOALS. Stuff to GET DONE with NO excuses. Here are a few things some of you may consider:

* Write an album worth of songs which you can actually take to MARKET

* Perfect your performance so that you can perform to a single person or a crowed of 60,000

* Get your lazy self to the gym and work out a minimum of 3 times a week NOW

* Look at your bad habits in the face and become the change you wish to see

* Study like crazy so you WILL pass those exams with NO fear and NO problem

* Create a better character and personality ethic so you can GET that job or promotion you’re been after

* Once and for all STOP smoking and drinking lots if you actually gave a damn about yourself and the people who love you

* STOP spending your time on useless and meaningless things that will produce NO results for you

* CREATE new friends who you ASPIRE to be like. You will NEVER be a winner if you choose to hang around losers. Yes, I said it.

* BE more loving towards the people that care about you.

I could go on and on. Realize that life is what you make of it. At the end of every year, you will only be known for only one of 2 things: Results OR Excuses.

Which one do you want to fall in?

Have an amazing Christmas and a New Year filled with ‘results accomplished’ …:-)


110 Responses to “An open letter for everybody”

  1. Belsem Says:

    I really like this !! I will adopt this list if you don’t mind !! actually, it looks a lot like mine, except for the smoking & drinking one, I don’t smoke or drink :)
    anyway, I really like this letter, oh yeah, I don’t celebrate Christmas but I feel happy & merry, & I don’t know the reason !!
    thank you very much ..
    Merry Christmas, I wish you the best …

  2. naveed Says:

    Amazing write up :) merry Christmas love your new year goals god bless n thanks for sharing

  3. Alex Kellett Says:

    I was a bit sceptical of what Shamir was all about originly but was pleasantly surprised and found he was very knowledgable and the easiest to understand,Alex.

  4. Sarah Solomon Says:

    I’mma save this list and read it at leat once a week to keep myself motivated. I keep saying the same thing to myself but I never get it done because I’m a serial self-confessed procrastinator. :/ Thanks for this, it’s gonna come in very handy!

  5. Sean Earle Says:

    Love it. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!

  6. mark Says:

    This is just how I feel about getting into the next year. Great post,keep it up.

  7. steve Says:

    Each year we start out trying to improve ourselves to make the year better but fail in a few days or so, a type of procrastination, we do need to focus on getting things done and never give up.

    As the late, great George Harrison said in one of his songs : Each day just goes so fast, I turn around it`s past.

    Best Wishes.

  8. Baker Says:

    Wow this is really nice, i lyk it, thanks for sharing. Merry x-mass 2 u

  9. MZES Says:

    Hi shamir Thanks a lot for your mails, but can you help me a bit on how to make a vocal melody and then write the lyric for a song(song= only instrument)

  10. star Says:

    Good one and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! Maybe this year i can look ahead and get back to writing and playing as when ma died i felt like i died inside . Its been a yr and 5 months no playing no writing just maybe this year i can ! hugs !

  11. Mike Says:

    Good stuff Shamir, just the thing I needed! Thanks for all your songwriting help. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and yours! Mike

  12. Mike Says:

    Wow ….everything you said is right on the money thank you very much and Merry Christmas to you

  13. Chrissi Says:

    i really like this! I’ve put some of these points here on my list lately.
    i think you got a talent for make people “open their eyes”.. thats how i feel after reading your mails everytime..

  14. Margaret Says:


    You are really motivating. :-) Thank you for the advice, I am sure this is going to assist me in gaining perspective in life and futrue goals.

    Best wishes for the new year. May it be a positive year bringing you joy peace and good health.

  15. teeqqi Says:

    Hey Shamir, thanks men. This is some powerful letter, something to think about and act on. Million thanks once again. Happy happy holidays;)

  16. Vonniera Says:

    It really is a good list and accurate but maybe in your next newsletter will you do something on how to market your album, thanks once again and Merry Christmas! All the best to you in the future!

  17. Judy Says:

    Great stuff! We all need to take stock at least once a year to see where we are with regards to career achievement as well as personal life goals.

    Thanks for all the wonderful song ideas through the years. My most prolific song-writing year was last year and some of those ideas came off your web site so THANKS again!

    Have a wonder ful holiday and a great year ahead

  18. Jeff Says:

    [: get a car, join a band, go to haunted houses, go cow tipping. I made a huge list of things I wanted to accomplish for the year of 2010. Those were the only ones I didn’t fill. And I tried to do those 4, it just didn’t work out. They’re moving to my list for 2011. Its actually extremely rewarding to look back and see the things I wanted to do, and see almost everything crossed off. I forgot about it until I read your blog. Thanks for reminding me <3 I graduated, chose a career path direction, I climbed my old high school’s roof at night, learned a new instrument, got a job I love to work at, understand music sheet notation, the list goes on! ^_^

  19. olaolu Says:

    Honestly, this is d best gift anybody could wish for or rather one of the few best message one could hope for towards a new year. I say a big thank you for this message.

  20. Alonge Michael Says:

    Thank you

  21. zahra Says:

    thanks so much for that letter i really liked it and made me want to accomplish something this new year

  22. Maranatha.O Says:

    That is really great…..i like it and it make wannna do something that i want to accomplish this new year………………thanks for taking time to write this wonderful message…..have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR…

  23. Carlos Says:

    In the past I’ve always looked at the 31st. of December as the starting point for telling myself about making meaningful, constructive changes for the new year. Then the next year starts and one by one, slowly but surely, the resolutions would fall by the wayside. So this year, I stated earlier, in November to be exact. Started working on the songwriting, musicianship, recording and engineering skills and it’s been going great so far. With this head start, I find that I’ve instilled the discipline and created the momentum to keep the processes going more fluently into the new year. It should be easier to sustain them at this pace.
    What do you think of my strategy?

  24. nathan Says:

    awesome stuff

  25. Tig Says:

    Great list, I’m definitely working on a bunch of those things ;]

  26. Katie Says:

    Dear Shamir,
    your message has extreme power. Yes, you are right, people have to set goals…and it is so fantastic, if able to reach or fulfill them… I already set a goal for making some music for a friend who writes nice poems – he will have a presentation of his newest book in January…. and I have planned a concert in March for myself – so the fisrt 2 of your list for me are already in line!
    Thanks for posting it! Have a nice and blessed holiday season!

  27. Nat Says:

    in ur next letter, could you please talk about marketing my music????

    because i have written many songs and i want to be noticed….PLEASE ::::)

  28. Mark Says:

    I am going to complete my first album. If it sells one copy its not that important to me.It would be nice but that’s not the point to me. I want to do it for my own sense of accomplishment. To that end I will improve my engineering lyric and musicianship skills. I lost 92 pounds in 2010 and I will loose 10 more then maintain a healthy weight. I will make my wife feel loved every day. Even though I don’t always like her I always love her.I am lucky to have her.

    Thanks for your letter. I agree that most resolutions are empty promises to ourselves. There is a difference between “wanting to” and wanting to “want to”. Actions speak louder than words. We all make time for what is important to us. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what do I spend my time on?

  29. Pavel Says:

    Here’s one I’d like to add:

    - Develop and maintain healthy eating habits. This plus exercising regularly will automatically put you on the right mindset to accomplish everything else you’ve listed here. Great article, thanks for sharing!

  30. teresa Says:

    I will help others more, write inspirational songs, stories and poetry. I will make a living doing it!

  31. Agaba Says:

    these is an exceptional post, Keep it up…Even the idol worshipers acknwoledge this season.

  32. Matt C Says:

    Hey Bud,

    Thanks heaps mate, you truly are a champion and I appreciate all the info and effort you put into your work. This kinda stuff is so positive and helpfull to everyone, you and me are totally on the same page right now.
    Have a good break, if you ever coming down under drop us a line..


  33. george allen hicks Says:

    first of all i have and album i don’t smoke or drink my love one’s are all passed away. all i need in this life is a publisher that is willing to try something new and take a chance and keep the music 3.4.time instead of
    some this lady blah blah do you know any publishers with balls hey thanks for your time

  34. buster stiggs Says:

    You can philosophise and theorise all you like about song writing but the way to success is simple and basic. You have to spend many hours everyday at your craft. Many young song writers fall into the trap of writing six songs and put out an EP or 10 and make an album. You cant be precious about your songs, write 5 discard 4. Write some more. My band the swingers wrote over 60 songs over an 18 month period. We wrote and rehearsed 3 nights during the week and all day saturday and sunday for 6 months before our first gig. We road tested the songs at live gigs and by making demos before we came up with our number one Australasian hit “Counting The Beat”. Song writing is like buildi a house by thinking about it you have to put your back into it.

  35. Manjit Arora Says:


    You’re one of those rare brilliant gems of persons who ever sought to elevate beautiful thoughts, talent and spirits to great heights and your inspiring name should permanently be etched on the psyche of all good-hearted millions. I’ve been thankful for your illuminating mails all along but said it today. Hats off to you!

    Manjit Arora

  36. Mr Garnie B Says:

    Shamir Quite appropriate,great advice, I thank you so very much and I hope that you will accomplish all of your wishes.

  37. Allena Says:

    People forget to write from how they feel. The soul is what makes a song everything that it is. Only if a genuine feeling is felt throughout the song that is written then you have a great song

  38. Vishal Says:

    all the points which you have penned down are very thoughtful and fantastic. I will definitely think about these points before deciding my new year resolutions and will urge others also to do the same. Merry Xmas and a very happy new yr in advance. :)

  39. Anthony Says:

    Great joy came to my mind after reading this. I can have many ways of talking song writing to a greater level next year. Merry xmas

  40. Julienne J Says:

    Hi Shamir! Awesome list, and yes, you have nailed at least one important goal for everybody. Happy holidays too and I’ll do this, too! :D

  41. Motshilisi Says:

    Thank you Shamir most of what you’ve suggested I have on my list and yes I would love to achieve them in 2011. I also added ‘to be happy with myself and never worry of who doesn’t like me’.

    Also take every plan seriously!

  42. Sessho Says:

    I’m gonna share this with others too.
    Well said Shamir.
    Merry Christmas to u and all reading this.
    Looking forward to 2011 – the best year yet!

  43. Isang David Says:

    Hello Shamir,
    Thanks for sharing part of your desires and ladder of achievement to everyone of your friends. May God richly bless you as i utilise this tips. Merry Christmas and a bless New Year in advance 2011.

  44. Randy Says:

    I love the list, it is almost perfect and I would only change 1 thing. The part about creating and hanging with friends that you aspire to be like is great but I think you should also hang with some loser friends that you could inspire, give hope to and otherwise breath some life into their being. I also love your transparency and willingness to open up yourself to the world. Keep up the great work. :)

  45. Gary Says:

    Hi Shamir,
    just want to say thanks for taking the time to provide such valuable information that will definitely affect the way I think from here onward.
    keep doing you.,thanks a lot.

  46. Oswald Says:

    Merry Christmas & A Successful 2011 and beyond to you and the wifey and the Kids(if any?). I like your style in regards to your idea, sound good, it actually gave me cause to reflect when the thought was absent.
    Keep good, keep the faith and be HAPPY, let there be JOY!

  47. Ruth Says:

    Dear Shamir,
    Thanks for taking your time to remind us about setting important goals which I personally sometimes take forgranted.Am looking foward to be more focused on my goals the coming year and by the grace of God I will have some good results before the year ends.God bless you and have a prosperous new year.

  48. Sanginmike Says:

    Great Words! I lost my job and my wife left me for Xmas. Your kind words are very much appriciated and will help me thru this. Love you man.

  49. solomon Says:

    sir. am truly short of words. All i can say is.God bless you sir. solomon 4rm Nigeria

  50. Armel Says:

    Hey Shamir :

    Thanks for sending the link to this open letter.
    I got my goals and with your inspiring note I believe nothing could stand in my way.

    I always say to myself and anyone with real goals :

    -If you want to do something or become someone, you got to start it yourself;

    -Keep on going, it is never too late;

    - You don’t want to do nothing about your dreams and look ten years back later and regret why you did not do it;

    -Do it with love, never set expectations higher than what you could acheive;

    -No rush, take a step back to see what is ahead;

    -If people were able to do it then yes you can*.

    -Do it for yourself, family, friends, …

    Good luck !

  51. Kingsley nwokolo Says:


  52. tee Says:

    Nice!I’m gonna email that to my friends.Have a happy holiday season! :)

  53. ISAAC Says:

    Hi Shamir

    Your tips are definitely very helpful .What about publicizing the most famous Chord Progressions in Rock music since the sixties and the corresponding Hits (of course not all in one shot).
    What about explaining the different types of chord progressions that can apply to each Mode like Dorian, Phrygian,Lydian etc….
    Keep up the good work

  54. Angieee Says:

    Shamir, you inspire on so many levels! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & God Bless!

  55. Glenroy Laing Says:

    This is really good and it’s true I know that it really works I’ve done it for 2010 and achieve 70 percents of my goals I am feeling good about myself and will be trying to beat that (70 percents) in 2011.have a merry and peaceful holiday and all the best for the new year

  56. Donnie Says:

    Unfortunately this all applies to me drugs have robbed me of everything and i know this. I feel powerless, I’ve lost all my music equipment even my guitar my Dad brought for me. I feel like I’m living to Die. I know there is a Song there but I just can’t seem to change. I dwell on my loss and it will probally cost me my family. There is nobody around for me to aspire to be like, not sure if I’m gonna make it in this Game called Life.

  57. Phil Says:

    This is awesome, nice ideas. i have to make a change. Thanks Shamir.

  58. Max Tosi Says:

    Hi Shamir ! Great words you say… I will make all possible to improve myself in next New Year ! Wish you the best !
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  59. Ace Says:

    The ideas are terrific and your song writing tips are my boost in writings songs. i have already written many songs but i am asking u if there was a part/page/blog …etc. in your website where i could show it to all the members and u

  60. Ace Says:

    sorry its ‘writing songs’…

  61. e-mute Says:

    Hi Shamir! Read your message! First of all I totally agree and second I want to thank you for putting so much effort in creating all these interesting articles all the time! I always enjoy reading them and its great to kind of be able to share thoughts and ideas regarding songwriting! I subbscribed to you after I had recorded my first album but your emails will be filtered and didgested I guess for the use of my 2nd album! Have a listen to some tunes on my youtube page I would be delighted if I had a feedback from you!

    Till then,

    Merry Xmas and have a great 2011! All the best my friend!

  62. Randy Says:

    This is a message to Donnie about his father God,

    My King came to earth and rescued me from the muck and mire.
    He gave me a place to stand where I could feel the warmth of His fire.
    From my heart began to flow a new song of my glorious King.
    But parts of me were still so dead, some words I couldn’t sing.

    Through days and years of struggle, and trying as best I could
    To keep my father’s love for me as I thought a good son should
    Only to find myself drifting again to idols of stone and wood
    With more guilt, shame and loneliness and still misunderstood

    There came a day when I just gave up the pain was too much to bear
    I said to my father “I’m sorry, I tried but I just don’t compare
    With my brothers and sisters who walk with you in an endless love affair
    But all I see is a trail far away ending in fear and despair

    My dad reached out to hold me but my face, I wouldn’t show.
    Surprised by his love in my current state, the tears began to flow
    Son, you keep trying to earn from me with your very own hands
    The boundless love I have had for you since before the world began.

    And nothing can change my love for you from the peaks to the depths of the sea
    You see, I’ve given my all for you, and mine you will always be
    There is no need to compare yourself or try to win my smile
    For as long as the earth and heavens remain you’ve had me all the while.

  63. Randy Says:

    I do apologise for using this forum to send a message to another reader.

  64. Sam Says:

    “I could go on and on. Realize that life is what you make of it. At the end of every year, you will only be known for only one of 2 things: Results OR Excuses.”
    What great ending!
    i wish you and your family the best and hope peace and prosperity spreads through this world with unprecedented vigor and speed!

  65. Emily Says:

    Love it. Great ideas

  66. ons Says:

    that’s really nice thx

  67. Bob Gelinas Says:


    Nice article. As I manage my young daughters career, create the marketing, write original songs for her to sing – plus work full time at a real job goals are very important – especially for me.

    Lots of hats to wear and much criticism at times due to the fact that I spend alot of my free time working towards my goals. For me learning more about the music business, improving my writing, finding new opportunities not only for my daughter but for me as a song writer as well. Fostering my daughter youthful thinking into songs is a big goal for me as well this year. She’s not only talented singing but she has a very creative mind for 12 yrs old. Encouraging her to write some of her own stuff takes some of the pressure of me so I can work on songs not only for her but other singers as well.

    So I appreciate your word of advice – goals are what keep me focused and I only want to be successful in this business.



  68. Darlynton Says:

    Wow! Shamir, your letter did not only touched my heart, pulled my spirits as well. Am most grateful. Wish you the best in life. COMPLIMENT OF THE SEASON!!!

  69. Amy Says:

    You are absolutely right. That is exactly what I am going to do. I have so much that I want to do but it just seems too easy to put off to another day. I have things that I really want to accomplish this next year, and you have inspired me to do just that. Thank you!!! Good luck to you and all your readers…..

  70. Amy Says:

    I have been where you are now. Its not a good place to be. For that I am sorry. BUT You can change that. I did. I finally reached a point in my life that I knew that I would lose everything if I did not stop thinking only of myself. It is not easy but it can be done. You can not erase any pain or wrong in your life but you can change who you are in the eyes of the people you love and who love you. They love you even with your faults, they just may not like you. But you can change that, you just Have to simply do it!!! Life is sooo short, leave your love ones a piece of your heart, with a song. Dont leasve them with pain or regret. Write how you feel and make a song from it, it will touch thousands, others live thru the same thing you are now.

  71. Claire Says:

    wow, that was awesome! it is so motivating to read something like this. thank you!

  72. comfort Tsegha Says:

    waooo,i really like this.i never really thought of that,i’ve got my pen n peper at work and it just great.thank you are going to buy you lunch.

  73. Wilfred Says:

    Nice I. This is truly an inspiration keep it coming I love it thanks

  74. Jude Says:

    Many thanks! I sincerely like your write up, all that put together is a purposeful year. Best of everything!

  75. suan Says:

    tanks you’ve been really helpfull keep help us sweaty hero

  76. suan Says:

    sweet sweet sweety hero

  77. Wambui Gachugi Says:

    Hello Shamir,
    I think this letter is brilliant every one who reads it is tempted to make serious adjustments to their thought lives and to aspire to do some serious soul searching in order to get in touch with their innermost beings. am glad you sent me this it jam started me to serious business. thanks again and do have great holidays too.Am working on marketing my album

  78. Dorothy Massenburg Says:

    something to start with


  79. Nikki Says:

    Thank you for that! You are such an inspiring person, with a big heart. May you have an amazing New Year yourself, and thank you all your blogs- they are a big help!

  80. Bianca Says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too!! 8-)

    To be honest, when I received your first email on the songwriting tips I thought it was just going to be a money-making scam but apparently it’s not and it really has helped a lot!! Thnx for all the advice!!

  81. amy Says:

    thanks, has to be done! :)

  82. Rob Says:

    Thanks Shamir for the inspiration :)

  83. Darcy Frieen Says:

    WOW. that is the truest shit ive ever read

  84. Edi Says:

    very good piece, truly inspiring the kinda message one needs to get started on the road to success….much love 4rm africa

  85. pope johnpaul Says:

    funny enough,i have written my goals,but really,i need to strategise on how to relate with people that can turn me into a winner,thanks 4 this advice.merrry christmas

  86. shania Says:

    wow sounds like a lot of thing i might put off for tomorrow but your right i have to get down to everything on my list,
    here’s a tip though to any one who’s interested if you’re trying to get something done think of it as something you really want to do and the benefits of the results but if you start thinking of it as work and keep putting it off because at the end of the day its only important to you and nobody else cares your in trouble

    Shania .H

  87. Katoiye G. Says:

    Shamir, you’ve hit the nail right on the head. Its like you were addressing me personally. Big respect and I will be that change that I desire. Bless u!!!

  88. Tony Drake Says:

    Shamir I admire the work you do. Dont ever feel like it goes
    unacreddited or unappreciated..though you may have those who
    cant temporarily appreciate the wisdom you administer. I know they will later down the road. Please continue to let the lord use you and please continue to share your knowledge with me daily. If there’s any way I can be a blessing just let me know. My email is

  89. Raul Says:

    Very nice! Thanks! and Happy New year!

  90. Mary Says:

    I need to work our xD lose some more pounds and get back into he sevendies range! I really like this even though I read Hal of it cause I’m watchig taps. Happy holidays!

  91. 6c107pp60 Says:

    this isn’t like Shamir……..just something different. unique and makes a lotta sense

  92. Marquita S Says:

    Thank you!! I love it!! Hope you have a Happy New Years and accomplish all thats on your list.

  93. Quinton Says:

    Shamir, I haven’t heard from you in a while, but I must say I admire and respect you, and REALLY appreciate your words. You both inspired me and scared me at the same time, exactly what I needed. Thank You so very much, for caring about your fellow man. You are truly a blessing. To Donnie, I am 59, played and wrote songs 49 Yrs, never made it yet , lost almost everyone in that time, but aint givin up and you shouldn’t either man as long as you can still play Must be your purpose, I sure believe it’s mine. May God Bless EVERYONE

  94. Emily Says:

    Love this sooo much! If it’s ok with you, I might use some of these ideas for my goals. Thanks for sharing this!

  95. Chris barker Says:

    It’s everything I wished I would do this year and will definitely endevour to succeed in this year! Thanks Shamir!

  96. Lisa J. Says:

    Which one do you want to fall in?

    I fall in ( Results ). I have accomplish by going back to college, my songs that I wrote is coming together, my small business is a big business now. Once I start doing my own business, going back to college, and my songs that I wrote has improve a lot.

  97. john p Says:


  98. yustika m Says:

    aaaa…you’re right.

  99. Beatrice Says:

    tanx alot for this note! its really inspiring!

  100. Chisomemacaulay Says:

    Thank you very much for this insights and straight forward ideals, though I had my resolutions for 2010, however, they were not met because I did not place in a concrete and realizable mode.
    Nevertheless, I know this year will be a lot more different, not just different but far achieved and fulfilled.
    Oh, Hope you don’t mind my extracting some of these write ups to include in mine…, SOS

  101. Kemmy Says:

    Shamir i dont know how to thank u enough for what you have imparted in my life. A dream i thought had died you awaken. Then this’s the best xmas gift i got. it’s gonna be by my bedside i tell you. Maybe that will help in actualizing my long desired goals, seeing me as a staunch procastinator, (God help me). God bless u, for your mails and your enduring belief in reaching out to people in need, despite we give nothing in return. Stay good!!!

  102. DINTLELO Says:

    Hello Shamir
    Wow! wandaful stuff, thiz is enaff 4 this year.U rily inspired me. Wat i nid now z inthusiasm.Thankz Shamir nd keep those emailz flowing.

  103. punk Says:

    hi shamir,
    i changed my email
    oh that’s awesome i really really like it
    yeah man be cool
    you did a great job
    see ya again in your next tips
    thank you

  104. Nishie Says:

    hi shamir,

    this mail actually motivated me to consider my goals carefully and to work towards achieving them.
    thank you. (: and yes your tips on song writing has been very useful to me. (:

    tc. x

  105. NATURE (nw) Says:

    I really appropriate this message so much that,it encourages me to be more active and persever.
    it’s a very good one indee that even spoke to my smoking habit…..cos my own believe is that smoking and drinking is part of the spirit that ginger my swagger with inspiration.
    now I promise myself to change for better,for better result…..draw a new plan and schedule my time… release my FIRST ALBUM

  106. Anastasia Says:

    always saying the perfect thing, shamir…lol. :)

    Suscribing to your emails have helped me SO MUCH with my songwriting…and I’m definitley adopting that list of yours. I keep telling myself that I’ve written so many songs, I can record album after album, but I never do. I never actually take the time and look back on my songs and edit them and record them. Which would probably help my future songwriting as well…so thanks again, and this year I AM going to record my first album at 15.

  107. Christopoher Says:

    Love it! Thanks for the encouragement Shamir! These are great goals and all which I need to apply! Have a great year!

  108. patrick Says:

    well well i know it you again i love n i will stick to it.

  109. Molly Says:

    thanks Shamir again for your wonderful inspirational words. I too am a bit of a procrastinator and keep doing things for everyone else instead of myself. Maybe that is another habit to break this year, that and the ciggys.
    Hope you and yours are all doing fabulously this year.

  110. Sunil Mahtani Says:

    Thanks for an awesome and inspirational list! I believe everyone should follow it. I’m certainly doing my best!